Workshops at OTE Group Telecommunications Museum

In OTE Group’s Telecommunications Museum, M art organizes a series of activities for school groups, families as well as elders, aiming to acquaint the them with the exhibits of the museum and to make them understand the importance of communication.


The program for the school groups starts from an interactive guided tour to the museum by M art’s trained staff and include both art and technological workshops that entertain and educate the young visitors of the museum, at the same time. The educational programs are designed for children between 6 and 13 years old.


This year a new program was added for children between 4 and 6 years old. The acting games specially designed for younger children help them grasp the idea of communication through interactive participation. Movement, cooperation and communication are the tools with which they will bring to life the narrative of the history of communication, withing a special space in the museum.


Of course OTE Group’s Telecommunications Museum welcomes families too. During Sundays families can enjoy some productive time together while attending art / technological workshops. They cooperate, communicate and together they create their own works of art. The kids learn through the process of creation while spending some quality time with their parents.


Moreover, in OTE Group Telecommunications Museum, a series of technological workshops for elder people is taking place. Education never ends in school and university, the elder visitors of the museum discover the amazing world of technology through an interactive workshop. Using tablets they navigate in the world wide web and create their own works of art.


Free entrance and participation in OTE Group’s Telecommunications Museum workshops. Online booking is required. For more info visit the museum’s website.