Flaboura and Bairakia: From 21 to 21

from 21 to 21 | Design Philosophy

Although these words may be associated with the Greek Revolution of ’21 and the war banners that the Greeks raised, even nowadays there are always reasons for everyone to “raise their own bairaki”.

There is always a reason for small and personal revolutions, the necessity of a Sense of Freedom, the right of self−determination, a strong voice against complacency.

This year, our “Flaboura & Bairakia” wave to welcome a new and better year, to express the ideas of independency, respect, positivity, and  innovation.

They wave in the wind of our desires and lead us forward, towards an open, beautiful and free world, as we envision our world in 2021.


from 21 to 21 | Photo Shooting Concept 

A Personal Revolution Project

A project that salutes personal revolutions, inspired by the “flaboura and bairakia” raised during the Greek Revolution of 1821.

We aim to showcase the jewelry’s dynamic geometry, through an image that brings together distinctive features and visual memories of the past, highlighting a course from oppression to rebirth – whatever the notion signifies to each of us.

It is the “bairaki” that most  likely, everyone has to raise. In other words, it is the moment when we stand up for ourselves in order to preserve the things that we really need and desire. It is the power of need and desire that incites us to disagree, to revolt against ourselves, against others, against uneasy circumstances.

Embroidery patterns of the period’s traditional costumes are “worn on” the body and intermingle with the jewelry. A new synthesis is formed, that brings together the art of 18th and 19th century Greek embroidery and jewelry inspired by it, as well as by the Greek Revolution’s emblems and patterns.

The body transforms into a timeless canvas to showcase the connection between the jewelry and the dynamic of a revolution, to capture a memory by composing patterns from traditional costumes with modern design, using this narrative to suggest a story of revolution being a personal matter as well.

Lucky Charm 2021
Design: Eugenia I. Manolioudakis
Photo Shooting Concept: Ioanna Kalavrou
Model: Matoula Apostolakou
Photos: Carlos Muñoz Gómez-Quintero
Exclusively at M art.
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