The Walking Dead Art – FOX Networks Group

In an effort to bring art into everyday life, M art undertook the curation of “The Walking Dead Art”. An action organized by FOX Networks Group Greece to announce the upcoming season of the series The Walking Dead.
The planning and conduction of the project is separated in six (6) stages. It started in October 2017 and it lasted until March 2018.
Stage A
Open call for entries – communication campaign – website
Stage B
Pre-selection of the participating artists – interviews – making of video
Stage C
Selection of the participating artists – party | briefing | orientation
Stage D
Reperage for the exhibition site – selection of Athens Conservatoire
Stage E
Creative process – curation & exhibition design
Stage F
Setting up the exhibition  – opening party – site events – creation of a 360ο virtual gallery.
Press office throughout the whole project.
The action was a great success. Within only four days more than 15,000 people visited the exhibition, the Greek media kept reproducing the news of the project and FOX Networks Group in USA was amazed by the action. In 2019, “The Walking Dead Art” might be a nominee for a communication action (case study) in Cannes Lions – International Creativity & Marketing Awards.

Discover the artists’ view at

Group exhibition,
“The Walking Dead Art”
Curated by Eugenia I. Manolioudaki
Athens Conservatoire
15th March – 18th March 2018