“Desire in the mist” – Katerina Marianou, Solo Photography Exhibition.

The photographic aspect of Katerina Marianou brings in mind something from the river “that becomes a mirror before it swallows us”. In her present work, the fluid immobility of a nude woman’s body resembles a frozen landscape of the soul, seductive and melancholic, eager to move, to shake, to recover, but in the end chooses the warmth of silence.
It would be unfair not to mention the “portraits of Zyranna”, 25 years ago, at the Dada Gallery, where Marianou, using chemicals to remove and recreate colors out of black (beige out of black, maroon or burgundy out of black, even blue), managed in a very special way to capture shades of the soul.
Zyranna Zateli
September 2000

Solo photography exhibition,
“Desire in the mist”,
Katerina Marianou.
Eugenia I. Manolioudaki.
M art Space.


October – November 16, 2009.